Understanding Information and Traceability


Understanding Information and Traceability

In order to be relevant to the industrial environment 4.0 and the smart factory, data acquisition must be treated in real time using powerful analytical tools. This makes it possible to act on measurable phenomena directly, such as the number of units produced, but also to anticipate phenomena that have not yet been measured, such as the future deterioration of parts and equipment, schedule maintenance interviews predictive way, even optimize staff turnover.


Ensure full Traceability

Whether using data acquisition directly or through indirect measurements, always in real time within your facilities, the recording of operations, processes and products upstream and downstream makes it possible to increase your value chain at all stages. Customer satisfaction, elimination of product returns and faster renewal of your offer improve the technological and financial sustainability of your company.


Welcome to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas!

J Innovations takes part in the famous and strategic Consumer Electronics Show as part of a trade mission organized the Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation of the Government of Quebec in collaboration with the Digihub Shawinigan, the Delegation from Quebec to Los Angeles, the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, Quebec International and Sherbrooke Innopole. We will have the opportunity to meet several buyers for our software solutions for Industry 4.0.


Meet our Technological Architect 4.0!

Mr. Jimmy Ravaux is a Technology Architect 4.0 and President of J Innovations inc. From January 9 to 12, 2018, he is present at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where many of the products presented benefit from the know-how of J Innovations inc.

Enjoy the presence of Jimmy Ravaux at the Consumer Electronics Show to meet him!

Write to him at jravaux@jinnovations.ca.

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