Company’s staff is the smart factory’s network


Company’s staff is the smart factory’s network

Here’s a contrasted perspective on preconceived ideas in the field of automation: all the staff of the company is the smart factory’s preferred network. Their real-time networking provides an opportunity for each employee to contribute to the company’s life in an unprecedented way.

Here’s how!

Floor factory emergency hits, the pieces do not arrive in the right order! Something is wrong! A system does not detect this or that. Stop production or not, the worker on the field spread the news, which is already not so bad, but above all, the message is presented at all levels of the hierarchy at the same time through real-time networking. Presence or absence of a person in charge does not prevent the information from circulating, the need for reconstitution of sequences of events is facilitated, the professional recognition is encouraged.

Real-time home networking provides a fresh look at activities and ensures a better transition of work teams. The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is an opportunity to offer a renewed work environment, tailor-made tasks, increased professional flexibility and consistent profitability while increasing the dignity and pride of working at home!

Integrating the organization’s workforce into the smart factory world is an opportunity to celebrate their commitment to date in your company and for the future. While some tasks may be substituted, some others are reorganized in more fluid ways and some positions that no one likes find appropriate solutions. But most importantly, when your teams discover the benefits of the marked acceleration of the product creation cycle, all will be part of the victory that this represents for the sustainability of your production facilities and your business.


Meet our technological architect 4.0!

« As the  Industrial Revolution 4.0  is primarily about the generation and processing of real-time information, it is important to ensure effective data collection in key areas of the organization to know its status and eliminate all sources of errors. In addition to obtaining concrete reports on the profitability of the company, we ensure quality, traceability and optimal management of human resources. » Jimmy Ravaux

Mr. Jimmy Ravaux is a Technology Architect 4.0 and President of J Innovations inc. From January 9 to 12, 2018, he is present at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where many of the products presented benefit from the know-how of J Innovations inc.

Enjoy the presence of Jimmy Ravaux at the Consumer Electronics Show to meet him!

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