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The Science Odyssey is the largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in Canada. It features fun and inspiring experiences in museums, research centers, laboratories and classrooms across the country.

J Innovations inc. is involved in the innovative industrial sector. Each of the challenges we face involves all of our scientific and technological knowledge, requires the modeling of data curves or clusters of elements and finally leads to the coding of software or programming of CNC machines, robots and cobots. Mobilizing creativity and reason is our challenge every day. Success is our celebration!

Robots and collaborative robots interacting directly with human beings are an integral part of our contemporary world and the result of science, technology, mathematics and computer engineering. Hereunder 2 of our blog posts telling you more about what they do and look like.

Cool cobots

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The new world of cobots



Have a great time reading those posts!

Powered by NSERC, Science Odyssey demonstrates how discoveries and innovations shape our daily lives and foster a strong science culture in Canada.

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