Cool cobots!

Cool cobots! Here are 6 cobots that met robotics stardom as we took part to the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. As a reminder, a cobot is a collaborative robot. Let’s take a look at what they do!


We may say of that robot that it is a flying eye or the other way around, a camera mounted onto a drone! But precisely, it differs from a drone, for it is flying autonomously, recognizes your face from box opening and auto follows you as the Hover camera is focusing on your face all the way! Truly a collaborative robot!

Camera Hover

Our next cobot does not come as a ready to use kit though the goal is somewhat similar. The industrial robot is a sophisticated machine, precise and versatile but is delivered without a function. Here it is naked so to speak.


The firm LEONI has made it part of its mission to dress industrial robots. They bring in the cabling and accessories to make it fit for duty. Here is how it looks like.


Still above, pay close attention to that functional and operational robot in display at the 2018 CES. People are sipping coffee relaxing and casually talking close to the machine, within arm’s reach. This is a cobot. No need of a cage.


Now, a very interesting mobile robot by Motiv Robotics adaptable to full autonomy and cobot capability. This is RoboSimian designed to navigate extreme terrain. It folds onto itself as well as spreads open. Its sensors and detectors provide the required hardware for cobot capability.


The most important feature of cobot is their capability to operate next to human beings. In some cases, their skin of sensors and detectors is enough to avoid contacts with operators or anyone within reach. In some other situations such as the one above, though the assisting task devoted to the device is simple, the navigating through the environment is more sophisticated since it requires predictability to avoid contact with walking individuals.


An arm robot looks like simple, but of course the challenge is in the manufacturing facilities integration. Here above the Ufactory X-arm barista cobot as seen in action at the 2018 CES by our team. It is much more than a gadget for it makes perfect coffee and delivers the cup safely to the anxious coffee lover safely. Original integration ahead for improved productivity. Guess where we are going to integrate that friendly cobot…?

Enough hard work! Let’s play Scrabble!


Hum… Where are the Companion cobot’s sensors? That is the question.

Companion Robot Vision

As the saying goes, it is in the beholder’s eyes! The Companion cobot eyes perceive objects based on their size, shape, color and location. Above, eye-hand coordination and board game plateau recognition.

These are some of our team memories from the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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