The New World of Cobots

The road to collaborative robotics finds its roots in the limitations resulting from the early rise of traditional robots successes.  Think about red hot rods coming out from the foundry’s furnaces. You take a look to the employees of the facility and the first question popping up is could there be a safer way to[…]


Company’s staff is the smart factory’s network

Company’s staff is the smart factory’s network Here’s a contrasted perspective on preconceived ideas in the field of automation: all the staff of the company is the smart factory’s preferred network. Their real-time networking provides an opportunity for each employee to contribute to the company’s life in an unprecedented way. Here’s how! Floor factory emergency[…]

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Understanding Information and Traceability

Understanding Information and Traceability In order to be relevant to the industrial environment 4.0 and the smart factory, data acquisition must be treated in real time using powerful analytical tools. This makes it possible to act on measurable phenomena directly, such as the number of units produced, but also to anticipate phenomena that have not yet[…]

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Understanding your world and innovating to improve it

Understanding your World and Innovating to Improve it The ability to increase and improve production are key to business and industrial sustainability. The smart factory allows the optimal use of your production facilities by limiting downtime to a minimum, makes it possible to redeploy tasks taking into account the skills and needs of the company,[…]