Have a Great Science Odyssey!

The Science Odyssey is the largest celebration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in Canada. It features fun and inspiring experiences in museums, research centers, laboratories and classrooms across the country. J Innovations inc. is involved in the innovative industrial sector. Each of the challenges we face involves all of our scientific and technological knowledge,[…]

Lean plus espace

Measuring Success in Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is also known after the name of the company that invented it as the Toyota Production System (TPS). The term Lean refers to the systematic removal of all deficiencies and their causes during manufacturing as well as to the eradication of all sources of delay that can undermine the production cycle from inputs[…]


Qu’ont en commun une automobile, un robot et votre téléphone?

Qu’ont en commun une automobile, un robot et votre téléphone? Pour les personnes qui ont participé au dernier Salon Consumer Electronics Show à Las Vegas, cela tient de l’évidence. Ils sont connectés les-uns avec les autres, d’une manière ou l’autre, voire de toutes les manières que l’on peut imaginer : au centre de service à la[…]


Company’s staff is the smart factory’s network

Company’s staff is the smart factory’s network Here’s a contrasted perspective on preconceived ideas in the field of automation: all the staff of the company is the smart factory’s preferred network. Their real-time networking provides an opportunity for each employee to contribute to the company’s life in an unprecedented way. Here’s how! Floor factory emergency[…]